The MaximAssist Life Enhancement Plan

More Benefits, Less Cost

Life is Busy,
Stressful, and
often Complicated –

In today’s world, most of us lead hectic, pressured lives. There never seems to be enough time to get everything sorted out and if there is financial pressure as well, that just adds to the stress.

We are Here to Help You

Through our MaximAssist Plan, we provide you with a range of carefully designed assistance services to help make your life Easier, Better, and Less Stressful.

Ok, so what is the MaximAssist Plan?

The MaximAssist Life Enhancement Plan from Interactive Credit Solutions (ICS) consists of six assistance benefits and is focused on saving you time and improving your financial situation:

1. Credit Profile Assist

A free professional credit profile assessment on signup (valued at R500) and then a monthly detailed credit profile report (sent via email) showing your latest credit score, and all the information a major credit bureau has on file about you – and will supply to credit/loan providers, banks, landlords/estate agents, employers and other organisations that run credit checks. This information helps you to understand, improve, and proactively manage your credit profile, score, and reputation.

2. Personal Loan Assist

If you have decided that you need a personal loan to buy an asset or improve your life in some other way, we will help you to apply to a loan provider partner company, reducing hassle for you (less paperwork and no need for multiple, time-consuming applications), and improving your chances of success.

3. Funeral Assist

Discounted headstones purchased via a partner business, with free installation in major cities and towns, and free engraving.

4. Holiday Assist

Going away? We will help you with accommodation, flight, and other travel-related bookings whenever you go on holiday – saving you time and hassle.

5. Student Assist

Finding and buying textbooks and other required publications for your children in university, college, or high school can sometimes be difficult and is always time-consuming. We will do our best to source all required books directly from partner suppliers for delivery to your home – and any discounts we receive will be passed on directly to you.

Who can join?

To qualify to become a plan member you must be a South African citizen,
employed, and have a gross salary of at least R4 000 pm.

What it costs

A once-off joining fee of R249 applies, and thereafter the monthly
membership fee to get ongoing access to all of these great assistance
services is only R149pm (via debit order).

to Sign Up?

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